Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5


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Jun 12, 2007
Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One vs. Apple iPhone 5 display test confirms AMOLEDs can finally do accurate colors

The guys over at decided to go all scientific about screens and put the Samsung Galaxy S4′s 5″ 1080p Super AMOLED against the 4″ Retina of the Apple iPhone 5 and the 4.7″ Super LCD3 1080p display of the HTC One.

The review involved quite a few number of tests – from color reproduction, brightness, gamma, sharpness, viewing angles, the lot. And although a clear winner isn’t appointed your personal victor can be chosen based on the stuff you value the most.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers different screen modes that affect its color reproduction quite significantly. You can go all punchy and popping with Dynamic but in the tests the Movie mode was found to show very natural colors, which once used to be a forbidden area for Super AMOLEDs. Below you’ll find the color table of the Galaxy S4 while in Film mode.The green steadily follows the perfect line, while blue and red are pretty close too.

Adobe RGB mode was pioneered with the 1080p Super AMOLED on the Galaxy S4 and also follows true-to-life colors but surprisingly not quite as accurate as the Movie mode.


In terms of brightness the Galaxy S4 turned out inferior to the winning iPhone 5 screen, and the HTC One which followed closely. When it comes to white balance the Galaxy S4 in Film and Adobe RGB modes is closest to the desired 6500K color temperature while the iPhone 5 got about 7250K and the HTC One 8000K, both going for a colder color temperature.

When it comes to deep blacks and contrast the Super AMOLED retained its edge over the IPS LCDs it faced.

For the complete test, garnished with a load of photos and charts, follow the source link below. It’s in Russian though, so you might take advantage of Google Translate.