Samsung Galaxy S5 first day sales break Galaxy S4’s record


MyBB Legend
Jun 12, 2007
Filter this under non-surprising developments, but reports from Korea are saying that the Samsung Galaxy S5 has enjoyed quite some success on launch day. The new flagship has managed to set a new record for the company for launch day sales beating the achievement of its predecessor by over 30%.

In some European markets the sales of the Galaxy S5 have surpassed those of the Galaxy S4 more than twice, Samsung says. The number would have been even higher had the new smartphone stock not depleted in many places. In places like Paris, Amsterdam and London hundreds of people had gathered in front of the Samsung flagship stores ahead of opening, waiting impatiently to get their hands on the latest flagship.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launched in 125 countries on Friday, making this the largest-scale launch the Korean company has ever pulled. It will rollout to 25 more markets in the next few days bringing the total number to a round 150. Pricing for the SIM-free units start at 505.53€ in the US and around 599 in most of Europe and Asia. Naturally Samsung is also partnering with a huge number of carriers, which offer the handset at a subsidized price.

We’ve already spent some quality time with the Galaxy S5 and we shared all our impressions in a detailed review. Those still wondering whether or not forking out the cash for the smartphone is worth it should definitely check it out.