Samsung Galaxy S9 Microphone Issue


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Dec 14, 2009
I recently got a Samsung S9 via my contract upgrade @ Vodacom. From day one people said they could not hear me when I used the speakerphone option during calls. Normal calls and headphone use are fine, but the moment I switch to speakephone, people say it sounds like there is something covering the mic or that I am underwater. I listened for myself by having someone call me using my S9 and you just cannot make out what the person is saying when on speakerphone.

I Googled this and found it to be a commonly reported issue with the S9. After further searching and some trail and error I read a thread on HD voice and noise cancelling and managed to fix the problem. I had to go to settings, connections, mobile network and finally network mode to disable LTE/4G (change to 3G/2G).

Apparently the HD+ voice feature makes use of LTE/4G to enhance audio quality which includes noise cancellation during speakerphone calls - the noise cancelling part is just a bit overzealous in that it blocks out my voice as well. I have no idea how this works or whether it is device or software dependent, but the moment I changed the network mode to 3G/2G the issue was resolved. I switched back and forth in different locations (LTE signal strength), but you can only cleary hear the mic input when on 3G/2G.

Problem is that now I cannot make use of LTE unless I swop out/switch each time I want to do a call via speakerphone.

Any other S9 owners experience this?
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