Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 devices revealed


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Aug 8, 2008
But those looks like last year's specs :confused:

Exactly. It seems Samsung have lost the plot. They going the way of Nokia and more recently, HTC. Expect more poor product name choices, resulting in consumer confusion, and a loss of market share to competitors keeping it simple.

That's the one thing I do like about Apple products. They keep it (for the most part) simple. I've only ever owned 1 Apple device, an iPod Nano 5G, but I know the entire range of Apple products, because it's simple and easy to remember. One iPhone, one iPad, and a few different iPods. Each new generation gets a number.

But Samsung and HTC (and previusly Nokia) are all over the place, with a gazillion different models each with slightly different specs, and poor naming schemes. Samsung are in fact worse, launching hardware with outdated specs and branding it a "Tab 2". My SGS2 is better than both the above devices in every respect, except screen size.

C'mon Samsung, catch a wake up. I love my SGS2 and my Galaxy Tab (when I still had it), but trying to keep up with the latest Samsung releases is a real PITA. If someone had to ask me to recommend a mid-range Android phone, Samsung is gonna be the last option.
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Oct 7, 2010
Unless they sell them under R3000 locally it will be a failure... Better devices out there.