Samsung has removed adverts from its own applications that come as standard on Galaxy smartphones


Jul 29, 2021
Samsung removes ads from its own smartphone apps

Samsung has removed advertisements from several of its stock apps that ship on Galaxy smartphones.

Multiple tech sites — including 9to5Google, Engadget, TizenHelp, and The Verge — have reported that ads are no longer showing up in Samsung Health, Samsung Pay, Samsung Theme, and Samsung Weather apps.


Honorary Master
Jun 25, 2010
Good riddance. There is nothing that I despise more than to be served with an ad within an app, especially within 'native' apps. I would rather pay than to be served, and with Samsung the device is already bought, the problem being that many companies deem this as a subscription service so being served with ads are you being exposed to 'billboards' within their ecosystem.

I have no problem with ads within app stores, but then the ads have to be relevant to the available content and not be some intrusive timed demo which captures the user until the demo time has lapsed.

Even worse are paid apps, which has suddenly reduced their revenue model to serving ads... but they don't communicate it to the users and the app stores don't seem to have an issue with this.

Back OT, I hope this is a permanent decision by Samsung, to give Samsung device owners some ownership back.