Samsung unveils new TV technology for 2021

Jamie McKane

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Mar 2, 2016
Samsung unveils new TV technology for 2021

Samsung has revealed its new lineup of TVs for 2021, which includes devices that employ its new Micro LED and Neo QLED technologies.

During a virtual First Look event broadcasted ahead of CES 2021, Samsung revealed the new technology that will power its flagship 4K and 8K models.


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Oct 24, 2009
And it will cost R80k to R1 million probably. How do people afford R30k tv's anyways.


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Oct 13, 2009
Like we afford other nice things (house, car, cellphone), finance it :D

But if you think about it. My 2nd LCD TV was an LG 42" 720p that cost R20k in 2008. Then I bought a 51" Plasma end 2013 for R10k (Still have it, still works and no burn in after thousands and thousands of hours of TV and console). Then mid-2019 I bought a 65" OLED for R34k. It should also last 5+ years meaning it comes down to <R600 per month. I watch a lot of TV and for me it is worth it and cheaper than a cellphone if you think about it. I didn't finance it though, so no interest to consider, but still, R600 is one night at the movies for my family of 4. We get to watch in better picture quality every night for R600 per month.

Agree though, MicroLED will be unaffordable for the next 5 years. So maybe that will be my next upgrade :p
"The 110-inch 4K TV is on sale for $156,000" and also "Samsung's puny 98-inch 8K TV costs $60,000".

Unless you have a very bright living room and do watch TV during the day with no curtains, get an OLED. It is cheaper than equivalent QLED with better image quality and contrast. Burn in is a non-issue these days (technically possible but highly unlikely if you keep the protection systems active). My Plasma was more likely to burn in and it never did. I have zero concerns for this.