Samsung vs Huawei vs Apple – South African smartwatch showdown


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Sep 4, 2006
The problem I have with the Galaxy Watch is the screen size is too small, its difficult to see the screen if your eyes are not 100% perfect IMO.
Battery life is good
System is fast and works well but I find the HR readings are not perfect and if you are sweaty from training it does not read correctly or at all.
Most of the good stuff you have to pay for and you dont get a free map / navigation which is shocking.
Samsung pay is awesome on the watch
its a great gadget but needs work


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Aug 23, 2013
Don't buy an Apple watch for Android devices, they don't play well together/most features don't work.

I would be hesitant to buy the current generation of watches, would wait for them to move to 7nm process due to vastly lower power usage and better performance. Currently most watches are a little too weak (played around with the Huawei GT, Fitbit Versa (normal) and the Apple watch), generally being a bit laggy or suffering from poor battery life. The Apple watch was the only okay one, but I don't use an iPhone, so mostly useless. Friend did have an issue that Siri was German for some reason, even with its settings being set to English on the phone, not sure on how to fix that.


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May 21, 2018
My experience with the Galaxy Watch didn't lead to a great sports and activity wearable. The optical HRM was very dodgy, it wouldn't stay locked onto my heart rate during physical activities, and it can't be paired with external sensors such as a chest strap HRM. A deal breaker for me which lead me back to using my Garmin Vivoactive 3 full time again, returning the Galaxy Watch and getting my money back. I suspect Huawei and that Apple thingamajig will deliver a similar experience... So no, not for me.