Sandak-Lewin back in front of Ombud for fraud


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Sep 7, 2008
On July 26, 2023, the Council for Debt Collectors found all four (4) directors of Sandak-Lewin Trust guilty of fraud and improper conduct. They faced a total of six (6) charges related to the Debt Collectors Act. This conviction entitles you to a refund of all the money they stole from you.

It is crucial to note that Sandak-Lewin Trust admitted guilt on all counts and paid the fines imposed.

David Rebe (CEO), Carl Smit (MD), Linda Sandak-Lewin and Jonathan Sandak-Lewin have all confessed to :

1. Overcharging for services (300% above prescribed).​
2. Making use of fraudulent representations in their defense.​
3. Presenting forged minutes during the inquiry.​
4. Presenting incomplete levy statements to a scheme member.​
5. Fraudulently misrepresenting a late payment as a debt payment.​
6. Deceiving a customer by hiding debt collection fees in a separate account.​
7. Charging fees on an account that was not in debt.​
8. Collecting more than legally allowed expenses and fees.​

Anybody who uses Sandak-Lewin needs to inform their auditors about this fraud and request a thorough examination of your accounts to address the issue of reclaiming fees that were fraudulently misappropriated. To date, we remain uncertain about the full extent of this problem but it has been going on for years and you may be owed thousands of Rands.

Now after a year Sandak-Lewin is again in front of the Ombud on a different charge of fraud and improper conduct. It seems like they just cannot help themselves, once a thief always a thief?


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I met a woman yesterday who told me that the best thing about selling her flat was that she never had to deal with the shmucks from Sandak Lewin ever again.