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Sanral continues to bully e-toll defaulters - Outa


Expert Member
Mar 8, 2007
I see they're now spending my tax money on social media campaigns as well. I recommend you report as SPAM if you see this pop up on Facebook or elsewhere.


Honorary Master
Aug 4, 2005
So someone I know just got this (this person pays his bill):

So they are still threatening criminal prosecution which is laughable. They would make half the population of Gauteng criminals destroying the economy as many of those people work in places that won't accept you with a criminal record.
Such is life when you disobey the law.

I don't think it will be criminal though.. it will however be credit history & make most countries re-think giving you a work visa or citizenship because you believe you above the law. Definitely not gonna get a immigrant visa to Spain, Portugal and a few other European countries all of which have had open road tolling with civilians who refuse to pay.


Expert Member
Aug 18, 2006
Just got an sms from SANRAL 087 240 6796 "You have overdue e-toll fees and you are now in a debt collection process. Call SANRAL on 0800 726 725"

Scare tactics still going on.
I got this same SMS today, just deleted it, but it raised the question in my mind. Is SANRAL legally required to send invoices/statements etc before starting the "collection process"?

I've never received any invoice or bill saying I owe them money. So now if this is to be believe I'm in debt to them and they have started process to recoup it, but I have no idea how much I owe them or for which of my 2 or 3 trips to JHB this is for.

Ignoring the fact whether this is a legal process that they've started or just scare tactics which is irrelevant to my question. So, I'll just continue to ignore it.

My question is can they start a legal debt collection process without first informing you of the debt?