Sanral continues to mislead the public on e-toll, says OUTA

Well after those they published those funky stats where the total number of tags *dropped* one month its pretty clear that SANRAL stats have less value than horse manure.
Iam sure sanral misrepresented figures. They wanted to say they have this number in stock
I found it interesting how the radio DJs have lately become openly hostile towards e-tags. It seems everyone is united on this front...except the ANC and related tenderpreneurs.

Think Avis will lose some clients.

Maybe AVIS is the only rental cat company vocal about their decision. You can imagine the logistical impact it will have on them if they do not have eTags fitted to their vehicles - by the time they get the bill the client is long gone. Now SANRAL's debt collection problem is becoming theirs.

They should've really just kept quiet.
e-tolling is a disease that another disease (cANCer) has worked hard at perfecting in the sense that there is no antidote and said disease can only become stronger as, by law (gotta love law), no one is immune.

I wonder how the law fraternity, in general, feel about "the law" being used to penalize hard-working, tax-paying (we all are), on-the-bones-of-their-arses citizens who have funded this e-tolling outcome for the past twenty years ?

I'll say it:there isn't a single non-white ruler in Africa that has ever made a sustained and ongoing success of their country, quite the opposite. If that's racist (which I'm tired of hearing from those still in nappies), then prove it.

F*******ck the ANC, F********ck their brainless, flat-breathed spawn and for the record, JZ's mother still owes my dog money.
I found it interesting how the radio DJs have lately become openly hostile towards e-tags. It seems everyone is united on this front...except the ANC and related tenderpreneurs.
John Robbie seems to flip flop support for/against SANRAL and e-Tolls...
His logic seems to be that the roads have been improved, so we must pay - via e-tolls.
Seems to forget that a project quoted at R6.8b in 2006 grew to R17.9b in 2011.
Seems to forget that these were existing roads and not new roads.
Seems to forget that e-tolls are very inefficient

I was watching the Justice Factor on e-TV and Nazir Alli is the best spin doctor I've seen in a long time.
When Nazir was asked about the number of e-tags, Nazir was vague as to actual sales to end users vs in the channel.
The Economist on the show was clearly a shill for SANRAL.
Maybe AVIS is the only rental cat company vocal about their decision.

I wouldn't get your pitchforks out just yet. If you read the article, Avis did not "see the positive in e-tolls". The sorry excuse of a journalist leads with the headline but never actually quotes where anyone from Avis in an official capacity said this. Nothing at all. We also find out that Sanral lied through their teeth today when they misrepresented SAACI's stand on e-tolls. SAACI have come out and said so.

So clearly there is a propaganda drive on the go by Sanral where they have journalists in their back pocket, willing to write whatever bullschit Sanral say they should. Otherwise it is simply a case of incompetent morons acting like journalists, parroting Sanral press releases without checks and balances.

I don't for a second believe that Avis openly came out in full support of e-tolls. So far no quote verifies that they have at all. All that we have are a few shockingly poor articles that smack of propaganda with no direct quotes attributed to headlines. We also have a flat-out lie from Sanral.

So put your pitch-fork away for now, imo...
Drive N1 everyday, don't see any e-tags in majority of vehicles except Avis. Making a point to look for this e-tag, people are definately not buying it. (e-tolls and e-tags). E-toll bosses must be pi$$!ng in there expensive corrupt pants...
I was mainly thinking about 5fm. DJ Fresh has been cracking jokes about this for a while. e.g. leading into traffic reports with "enjoy the roads...whilst they're still free.". Also quite a few nkandla jokes. e.g. This morning he proposed declaring a co-presenter's rack as a national key point...
Avis: we miaow harder

Maybe AVIS is the only rental cat company vocal about their decision
If you rent a Siamese be sure to take out top-up ensurance, in case it gets run over.
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Honestly, how old are you ?

Yeah, it's true. :D

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