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SAPS spent more than R52m on 169 torches


Honorary Master
Mar 26, 2010
Cape Town - The Democratic Alliance (DA) is set to write to the Secretary of Police, Alvin Rapea, to request an investigation of the expenditure of over R52 million on torches.

According to reports, the South African Police Service (SAPS) has paid Forensic Data Analysts (FDA) over R52 million for a contract for 169 torches.

"The invoice for the contract was paid for by the section in which former Acting National Police Commissioner General Khomotso Phahlane’s wife works. FDA is owned by a businessman that has been implicated in potentially corrupt transactions with Phahlane through the provision of luxury vehicles to him and his wife," the DA said.

The opposition party also calls for an analysis project of the SAPS expenditure over the last five financial years by the Civilian Secretariat in a bid to "closely scrutinise potentially irrational or wasteful large contracts."
More at: https://www.iol.co.za/news/south-af...-spent-more-than-r52m-on-169-torches-11930783


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Jul 5, 2009
Its part of a much bigger issue of police corruption and SAPS National Commissioner Khomotso Pholane. This article broke 2 days ago: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/art...ch-contract-a-r1bn-gift-that-keeps-on-giving/

South African taxpayers have forked out around R1-billion for the supply and maintenance of specialist forensic lights to SAPS. Businessman Keith Keating, director of Forensic Data Analysts, implicated in an IPID investigation into the payment of kickbacks to former acting SAPS National Commissioner Khomotso Phahlane via a Pretoria car dealership, is also under investigation for the lucrative contract to supply SAPS with the Rofin lights at the cost of around R300,000 per torch.
Worth reading if you want to understand how procurement rules are broken, and the highly placed suffer no consequences.

Three minutes before the close of business, at precisely 16:57 on 31 March 2016 (which also marked the end of the 2015/16 financial year), SAPS Information Technology Services, a division of SAPS Technology Management Services, generated order number A000T4674 for the supply of 169 Forensic Light Sources at the cost of around R52-million.

On the same day, Forensic Data Analysts (FDA), a Pretoria-based company, submitted INV16131 totalling R52,942,653.66 which was paid almost immediately under the “responsibility code” of 0075 TMS (Technology Management Services). TMS just happens to be where Brigadier Beauty Phahlane and one Colonel Johann Potgieter (more about him shortly) are both stationed.

Brigadier Beauty Phahlane is the wife of suspended former acting SAPS National Commissioner, General Khomotso Phahlane, who is currently the focus of an ongoing IPID investigation into charges of fraud and corruption for receiving kickbacks in exchange for SAPS forensic contracts.

The owner and director of FDA is wealthy businessman Keith Keating, who has been fingered by IPID as the money-man behind a vehicle “sponsorship” money laundering scam involving Phahlane, his wife, his sister Josephine and Colonel Potgieter and facilitated by Pretoria car dealer, Durant Snyman.

In a letter dated 25 October 2017 to current acting SAPS national commissioner, General Lesetja Mothiba, IPID head of investigations, Matthews Sesoko, wrote:

“This transaction happened on the last day of the financial year 2015/2016, which clearly demonstrates corruption through fiscal dumping. The sequence of events may be construed to indicate that the time when the order was issued, FDA was at the door with the invoice and 169 Forensic Light Sources and different role players within SAPS (SCM and management) were lined up for recommendation and approvals.”

Seseko said that the level of efficiency of the transaction between FDA and SAPS could only mean one thing – corruption.


Executive Member
Aug 12, 2010
And what's going to happen now that it's common knowledge?
As The Voice already said: Nothing.
Why is that? Well because it's just another one of jg783's wonderful tactics that has trickled down from the top; employ so many unnecessary people who do as they please. When accountability comes knocking, there's always someone else to blame...everyone just shrugs and points to the next guy until it all just fades into oblivion.

* Every time I see "torch" I think of one of these (-_-) :

Torch small.jpg


Expert Member
Jul 5, 2009
At that price I hope they at least included the batteries.
Its worse than you could possibly think:

The R300,000 a pop light kits came with an additional annual “maintenance and support” contract for a product experts in the industry say is... maintenance-free.
FDA was a sole supplier of the lights and while there are many others who offer cheaper alternatives it does not appear as if SAPS was keen on pursuing these. Also, the contract with FDA was “evergreen” and has been rolled over since 2010.


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Dec 6, 2015
18.500-00 Euro for a single torch??? Of what material is this torch made? Gold or Platinum is to cheap. Unobtainium perhaps?


Expert Member
Feb 10, 2009
They should arrest and prosecute, from the person that suggested the tender to the person that had to sign it off.

Seriously how can you sign off on something like that?...... yeah I know its SA what did I expect


Resident Postwhore
Jan 29, 2008
The voters are ok with these things, it makes the half serving of pap taste all the much better didn't you know .......