SA's deadliest road named


King of de Jungle
Mar 17, 2005

MORE people are likely to be killed on the N2 between East London and Mthatha, in Eastern Cape, over the festive season than on any road in the country.

If data collected by the National Rolling Enforcement Plan and the Road Traffic Management Corporation between January 1 2008 and December 31 2010 are anything to go by, motorists should be extra cautious in the coastal province.

An average of 90 people are killed in car crashes every year on that stretch of the N2.

Further up the N2, between Mthatha and Kokstad, an average of 77 people are killed every year.

Eastern Cape roads, according to the Department of Transport, are the worst for fatalities - they accounted for 156 road-accident deaths between December 1 last year and January 10.

This is more than half of the 288 people killed on monitored Eastern Cape roads.

The corporation's spokesman, Ashref Ismail, cautioned holiday travellers, saying traffic authorities were determined to reduce the number of road accidents.

Limpopo ranked second in terms of road fatalities, with an average of 240 deaths a year on its monitored roads.

Ismail said the high demand for public transport over the holidays led to some owners providing sub-standard taxis for long-distance travel.

"They prey on passengers' desperation to go home to their families and put their lives in jeopardy."

Department of T ransport statistics released in January showed 1475 road deaths during the festive season last year. More than 70% of the fatal crashes were head-on and were a result of dangerous overtaking.

"Most accidents occur due to the irresponsible behaviour of drivers," said Department of Transport spokesman Tiyani Rikhotso. "They are negligent and display total disregard for other road users."

Rikhotso said the department was not adequately equipped to curb accidents.

"Drivers need to learn how to police themselves. All negative driving behaviour needs to be erased."

At least 1212 people were arrested for drunken driving in October and 526000 fines were issued for various traffic offences from December 1 last year to January .


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Dec 3, 2010
Yep, I can vouch for that crappy road. going through village after village with animals astray and plenty taxis. Not a fun family drive.

Cool E

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Feb 23, 2012
local taxis are to be blamed. They are not say as they ones we used for long distance.


Karmic Sangoma
Jan 17, 2005
Yup, I can tripple vouch for that road. Its fking horrible, especially the Kei Cuttings. Bloody idiots constantly overtaking on blind rises and corners. You see several head ons all the time there. Honestly, Ive gone all over our roads and that road is the most dangerous by far. You going around a corner on the side of cliff and you see an idiot over take you when you cant see 50 meters ahead. Its so crazy.


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Jan 19, 2009
Yip, will be leaving early in the am to avoid that traffic, once past Butterworth and on the road to coast, relief kicks in when you hit the dirt road, then subsides as you realize the road hasnt been maintained as ANC has stolen all the money.