Saving entire Event Logs (All 4000) in Windows 7 ?


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May 23, 2017
Hi. My computer has developed a long list of errors, such as drives, CPU firmware, CDdrive0 (DVD-RW) errors.
I suspect a recent power supply that failed with a loud bang caused surges. Renewed it.
I was using a USB card-reader at the time, so this may have shorted something.
Now I'd like to print all valid errors as a complete document as in TXT format (after removing some obsolete ones).
This way, I can narrow down what the cause may be.
The problem is the interface seems to only allow one-event-at-a-time.
Any tips appreciated, thanks.


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Apr 1, 2010
Steps as follows:

  1. Open up Computer Management
  2. Navigate down the tree: System Tools > Event Viewer > Windows Logs > System
  3. Click on System in the left-hand pane. On the right-hand pane, a context menu now appears
  4. Click on "Filter Current Log", and a new window will appear
  5. In the new window, first select the time you want to collect logged events in the drop-down menu, which defaults to "Any time." Next, tick the checkboxes for the events that you want to collect information on. if you already know which event source you're looking for, like a driver or service, you can specify that next to the "Event Sources" drop-down menu. You can specify keywords as well.
  6. Click OK. The system might hang as it filters through events. This may take a while on a hard drive. It was about 20 seconds on my Ryzen system with an SSD.
  7. Once the events are filtered, click "Save filtered log file as" on the right-hand pane, and export it as a CSV file so that you have the option of opening it in Excel or LibreOffice Calc.
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