SCA dismisses ANC bid to challenge DA's 'cadre deployment' court victory

No judge or anyone in government position or SOE has ever been appointed by the ANC, judges are appointed by the President government officials are appointed by their respective departments and SOE appointments are done by the boards of the companies.

So yes, what you are saying is just wishful thinking and the DA won't succeed in having anyone removed from their positions from whatever they are going to get from these minutes.
Hlope is waiting for your call. He has a story to tell you.
Another win for transparency but how much is expected from ANC records when they do not even know who their "struggle fighters" pre 94 were. Zille was interviewed earlier on 702 and the question of withholding certain information was posed to her, she stated they "DA" already know most of what the ANC hold, so they must try.
They are most probably trying to make it disappear.

Like I said before, apartheid was wrong and evil but the current government takes first place by a mile when it comes to corruption.

They are not for the people but only for themself.
Prez left them on the coffee table at home, hanging precariously above the shredder that was on sale at Makro over the weekend...

Or perhaps under his matress...he slept on them mistakenly and his maids are ironing them as we speak.
They have until 5pm. Or the DA will start legal action for contempt of court.
I wonder who they can hold in contempt? The Ramamessiah or FixFokol.

But a contempt of court works very well for the ANC. They then fight it all the way to the constitutional court, which rules in DA's favour. Fikile or whomever they are holding in contempt spends 1 night in prison, then is released on medical parole after they develop a sudden and uncurable form of cancer after the concourt ruling.
I wonder who they can hold in contempt? The Ramamessiah or FixFokol.

It would be the fat telly tubby Fear Fokol since he is the SG and person responsible for the ANC affairs... I would assume Cyril would be tagged on as the President of the ANC