Scammers try to steal from South African soldiers with fraudulent life insurance polices

Hanno Labuschagne

Staff member
Sep 2, 2019
This should not be too difficult to find the culprits as there are requirements for life policies such as
Beneficiaries and ID numbers
Who took out these policies and who accepted them at the Insurer.
Just like vodascum I bet there are plenty of corrupt staff that will do anything for an extra R
SA is the top of the list and way better than Nigeria these days at separating your wealth from you.
SANDF has its own law department and police that can find the culprits , investigate this and sue the culprits.
"What if the culprits are not in the SANDF?"

First of all the personnel department should have shielded SANDF members from such a scam. Secondly its not like the SANDF advocates only know the MDC... The SANDF has ample internal agencies that can run investigations on civilians who scam their personnel. ;)

The target of the fraud was clearly the SANDF.

Ok so sure its wrong and illegal but in theory they were paying the monthly dues so exactly who were they robbing with this? Or am I missing something?

*edit* Ok scratch that , I see they impersonated the soldier and his signature. But I'm not quite understanding how the beneficiaries of the LEGITIMATE one were short changed? In theory the soldier was paying multiple policies with other beneficiaries so unless these fake beneficiaries got ADDED to his existing policies as well, then surely they should have received the full monies they expected?