Seeking an invigilator for university examinations (Western Cape)


Jul 24, 2013

I'm hoping somebody can help me, I'm doing a distance study program through Athabasca University in Canada and I'm in need of an invigilator for an examination. I have requested assistance from the university and they advise that a propose my own invigilator as the only invigilator they have in the area is not able to assist at the moment.

I'm having a really hard time finding an invigilator to propose though. A proposed invigilator needs to be a professor, instructor or administrative staff member at a post-secondary institution, a faculty member or administrative staff member at a public or private elementary or secondary school, a librarian or librarian's assistant, an officer in the armed forces or a consular officer.

I have contacted local universities for assistance, but they don't seem to be very willing to help.

I am in Somerset West in the Western Cape, but willing to travel a bit if needed. I'm just trying to avoid travelling to Canada for this. If you are a person in one of these roles and willing to assist, or know somebody that I can contact, it would be greatly appreciated.

Obviously, I'm willing to pay fair compensation to whoever is able to assist, I believe the going rate for invigilators is about 50 USD per exam, up to 100 USD for longer exams, but I'm willing to negotiate.

I only have one exam due at the moment, but will likely need to do more in the future.