Senior Pricing Analyst / Specialist: - Pricing - Short term insurance. Rneg. Randburg based.


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Jun 2, 2016
Senior Pricing Analyst / Specialist: - Pricing - Short term insurance. Rneg. Randburg based.

Requirements: -

BSc Honours (Mathematical Statistics) / BSc Honours (Actuarial Science) Including CT1-CT9 (A100's; A200's and A401)

Completed CA1 (A301), one ST exam (preferably F103 or ST7/8)

A minimum of 3 – 5 years of pricing experience

Pricing experience in the Short term Insurance Industry

Responsibilities: -

To develop and maintain pricing models and construct and review Product Pricing, Revenues, Costs and overall competitiveness and profitability, To project plan product concepts, analyse and interpret data and provide recommendations on product offerings, pricing design and construction. Predicative analytics and data or market insights is also a requirement

Determine pricing for regulated and non-regulated products and ensure they are accurate, competitive and profitable
Analyse the cause of loss ratio and other relevant factors to be able to provide recommendations and assumptions for pricing models.
Continuously track product profitability and detailed tracking of the revenue and costs by understanding of all the levers of profitability and executing appropriately to pull these levers.
Strategy formulation and execution including Implementing new pricing methodology and concepts in response to the change in market
Understand the overall business and drive customer service culture within the organization.
Meeting deliverables agreed in SLA or personal measurements
Adhering to the Customer Experience (Internal and External)
Provide insights on sales, retentions and strategies to improve customer products
Communicate, liaise and negotiate internally and externally using appropriate methods to facilitate the development of profitable business and sustainable relationships.
Develop, Maintain and Update pricing methodology and pricing models for different type of channels, clients and products and their respective scenarios
Develop actionable plans to drive up National Insurance Repository (NIR) and to reduce direct and transfer pricing expenses by understanding transactional behaviour, and driving changes in this base to reduce channel costs
Ensure continuous analysis/understanding of Innovation Group value proposition (pricing, rewards, product features) relative to the competition and enhancing the product to drive market share growth through tacking market share and developing actionable plans to reach our market share targets and continuous tracking and optimization of product sales across channels.
Work with the Sales team, the Customer Value Management team, the Channel Development team, Marketing team and the Analytics team to drive appropriate actions
Present data analytics and provide recommendations to corporate and management.
Governance & Controls: Adhere to Pricing Governance Framework, including processes and required sign-off.
Forums that will ensure principles are monitored
Adhoc Projects
Create a culture of ownership and accountability throughout the organisation in support of our company values
Ensuring Learning and Development plans are in place and are measured
Cross skilling in terms of other positions within the team
Keeping up to date with legislation and regulatory requirements
Oversee the applicable activities within pricing team to ensure effective delivery of business outcomes.
Create effective workforce plans to ensure that current and future business requirements can be met.
When required, adhere to performance management

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