Senior Specialist: - Pricing - BSc Honours (Mathematical Statistics) / BSc Honours (Actuarial Science)


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Jun 2, 2016
Reports to: -

GM: Pricing
Second Line Manager
Executive: Product, Underwriting and Pricing

Requirements: -

BSc Honours (Mathematical Statistics) / BSc Honours (Actuarial Science) Including CT1-CT9 (A100's; A200's and A401)
Completed CA1 (A301), one ST exam (preferably F103 or ST7/8)

Responsibilities: -

To develop and maintain pricing models and construct and review Product Pricing, Revenues, Costs and overall competitiveness and profitability, To project plan product concepts, analyse and interpret data and provide recommendations on product offerings, pricing design and construction. Predicative analytics and data or market insights is also a requirement

Pricing experience in the Short term Insurance Industry will be an advantage

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