Series [Please do NOT post any spoilers] - Episode IV


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Sep 4, 2013
Thu, 10. Oct

Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei S25E05
A Million Little Things S02E03
Carol's Second Act S01E03
Chrisley Knows Best S07E14
Chrisley Knows Best S07E15
Creepshow S01E03
El Dragon S01E09
Elena Of Avalor S03E04
Evil S01E03
Ex on the Beach US S03E13
Explained S02E03
Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal S01E04
Greys Anatomy S16E03
How To Get Away With Murder S06E03
Impractical Jokers S08E19
Jersey Shore Family Vacation S03E08
Law & Order SVU S21E03
Legacies S02E01
Million Dollar Listing New York S08E11
Mom S07E03
Mr Inbetween S02E05
Mr. Mom S01E06
No te puedes esconder S01E09
Perfect Harmony S01E03
RuPaul's Drag Race UK S01E02
Star Trek Short Treks S02E02
Sunnyside S01E03
Supernatural S15E01
Superstore S05E03
Tangled: The Series S03E04
The Circus S04E16
The Good Place S04E03
The Unicorn S01E03
Why Women Kill S01E09
Young Sheldon S03E03


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Jan 19, 2009
I finished Pennyworth last night. Such a great series.

Spoilerish. Not story related but an observation about in jokes...

One funny thing that I noticed in episode 9, was that his street was called Micklewhite Avenue. Now seeing that Michael Caine’s real name is Maurice Micklewhite, I feel like watching again just to see what else I’ve missed in the cutesy Easter egg department. I also noticed the brass band in episode 1 playing a Jam song from 20 years after the series was set, so I reckon there’s going to be plenty of things like this dotted around.


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Sep 13, 2007
Swamp Thing
I watched two episodes and cannot understand why this received such high ratings. I really wanted to like this, as I loved the comic books from the 70's. The whole thing is just meh, really below average for me.


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Jul 15, 2013
The acting in Batwomen and Raising Dion is so bad I turned off the TV and read a book to save my sanity.

At least Goliath and a million little things is back.
Batwoman looks like it's beyond redemption.
Raising Dion is an interesting sci-fi despite some flaws. It's family (PG) rated which is why it may not be for most on here.


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Sep 4, 2013
Fri, 11. Oct

American Housewife S04E03
Are You Afraid of the Dark? E92
Black Jesus S03E04
Blue Bloods S10E03
Charmed (2018) S02E01
DC Super Hero Girls E00
Dr. Stone S01E15
Dynasty 2017 S03E01
El Dragon S01E10
Elena Of Avalor S03E05
Fire Force S01E12
Fresh Off The Boat S06E03
Gabby Duran and The Unsittables S01E01
Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal S01E05
Gold Rush S10E01
Haunted S02E01
Haunted S02E02
Haunted S02E03
Haunted S02E04
Haunted S02E05
Haunted S02E06
Hawaii Five-0 S10E03
Hot Date S02E07
Hot Date S02E08
Insatiable S02E01
Insatiable S02E11
Insatiable S02E02
Insatiable S02E12
Insatiable S02E03
Insatiable S02E04
Insatiable S02E05
Insatiable S02E06
Insatiable S02E07
Insatiable S02E08
Insatiable S02E09
Insatiable S02E10
Just Roll with It S01E12
Magnum P.I. S02E03
Marriage Boot Camp S15E01
No te puedes esconder S01E10
QI S17E06
Ravens Home S03E10
Real Time with Bill Maher S17E30
Room 104 S03E05
Tangled: The Series S03E05
Temple S01E05
The Blacklist S07E02
The Graham Norton Show S26E03
The Hook Up Plan S02E01
The Hook Up Plan S02E02
The Hook Up Plan S02E03
The Hook Up Plan S02E04
The Hook Up Plan S02E05
The Hook Up Plan S02E06
The Hook Up Plan S02E07
The Hook Up Plan S02E08
Titans S02E06
Vagabond S01E07
Van Helsing S04E03
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Jan 19, 2009
I've has Goliath season 2 for ages and forgot about it. Saw mention of season 3 in here so I lined S02 up and last night before bed I thought I'll squeeze the first episode in. Brilliant, can't believe I forgot about it. And now with season 3 downloaded, I've got a nice weekend binge ahead.