Setting up a corporate APN

Feb 23, 2016
Double posting as I need to know for two mobile networks: Vodacom/MTN

I would appreciate any advice on what the approx costs to setup a dedicated APN on the major mobile networks would cost and if there is a minimum number of devices required to enable this?

We have about just under 100 users across both networks but data utilization is a nightmare. People keep on complaining about data being 'lost', used up without their knowledge etc. I was led to believe that a corporate APN can
1. Help share the data between the devices by allocating / transferring to those that need it legitimately .
2. Provide insight into how it is being used e.g the data that is lost was actually all spent on instagram.

These SIM cards would be used for both Data in tablets and also possibly on corporate phones under consideration.

Is it also possible to have an APN that can host Sim cards from multiple networks? The reason we have a mix of both is that there are some areas in South Africa where 1 network just doesn't work so hence us giving our users the choice to choose between Vodacom/MTN.

Would appreciate if anyone can provide any insights on this topic


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Apr 8, 2006
Howdy, I do believe my business solutions helpdesk could assist here- please pm me your details and I'll pass em on:)


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Feb 14, 2014
Start mailing the companies that offer corporate APN solutions, they are the only one that can quote you.
Everything is possible, all depending on how big your wallet is for a corporate APN