Sharing messages that incite violence can land you in jail in South Africa


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May 24, 2010
Sharing a WhatsApp message can land you in jail — but there is an exception

Social media law expert Emma Sadleir warned that South Africans who forward messages inciting violence on WhatsApp or liking such posts on Facebook or Twitter can face criminal prosecution.

A group of suspects was recently arrested and charged with incitement to commit public violence — many of whom used WhatsApp voice notes and social media posts.
The operative word is could. Not so easy to prosecute someone based on their social media.
What if you share it with people who are not incitable?
Definition of violence is interesting, I can ask for a mass action outside lutfreelyhouse to be a "peaceful" gathering, state my believe that they all need to be arrested, then ask for "all necessary steps" to be taken to ensure such an arrest even a citizens arrest, am I breaking any laws?