Should Zuma have been granted permission to go to his brother's funeral?

Should Zuma have been granted permission to go to his brother's funeral?

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Apr 30, 2010
His brother died two weeks ago though?

Just out of curiosity, how long did your friend's application take?
I have no idea. In fact, I didn't even know he was in prison. I walked past the vehicle as they were loading him in after proceedings, so stopped when I heard someone call me. We spoke for a few minutes and he told me that he was attending the funeral.


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Jun 25, 2010

Correctional Services accused of giving Jacob Zuma ‘special treatment’​

Is it one rule for Jacob Zuma, and another for his fellow prisoners? Correctional Services have been slammed for allegedly 'going easy' on Msholozi.​

The DA has launched a scathing attack against the Department of Correctional Services, accusing them of giving Jacob Zuma ‘favourable treatment’ by letting him attend a funeral on Thursday.

The Justice Ministry says Jacob Zuma is a low-risk, short-term inmate. But although they are adamant JZ poses no threat to security, the shadow minister of Correctional Services has an entirely different view. James Selfe has lambasted his opposite numbers, saying that the temporary release of Msholozi ‘may only lead to more unrest’.


The riots which sprung up across KZN and Gauteng were first thought to have been driven by pro-Zuma sentiment, before they escalated into something much bigger. Selfe believes that there are still riot instigators who want to take advantage of uBaba’s leave from prison, and questions why already-stretched state resources are now ‘being abused’.

  • Selfe is also concerned that large crowds will gather to support the Zuma family, creating a ‘superspreader event’.
“The current volatile situation in KZN is anything but low risk, and there is a very strong possibility of this funeral and Mr. Zuma’s presence causing more unrest. There will have to be a significant presence of the security forces to prevent unrest, which is not justified, since the security forces are required elsewhere to restore order and prevent chaos.”
“The decision to release Zuma is inconsistent with the previous determinations by DCS. It seems that once more, he is being granted special treatment – it’s as if there is one law for the rich and connected, and another law for the rest of us. Previously, no relatives at all were allowed to attend funerals, yet DCS is inviting this occasion to be a super-spreader.”


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Dec 20, 2007
Yes he was our president once at least they should consider that
Don't you think Zuma himself should have considered that fact, instead of letting the Gooptahs run the show or stealing our money?

Perhaps if someone reminded the delinquent grandpa to be presidential instead of his usual cuntish backstabber self once in a while, he could have gone to funeral from the porch of his retirement home as a free man. But no, everyone wants to be Mugabe..


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Jul 6, 2010

But then every other prisoner should be allowed to go to the funeral of every direct family member of theirs too.


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Oct 19, 2013
It's not unusual for prisoners to be allowed to attend funerals. It's just that our media can be very selective in their reporting because I'm sure they're very much aware of this. I only had two concerns around his attendance:

1. Preferencial treatment in terms of security around him / being allowed to freely interact with family members. Some prisoners attending funerals would literally be in chains.

2. Allowing him to attend this funeral could have easily triggered more riots by his followers.