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Signal dropping intermittently (Stellenbosch)


Well-Known Member
Nov 21, 2015
Since yesterday the signal strength on my B618 has been dropping to 1 bar (out of 5). A couple of times it went back to it's usual 4 bars, but it didn't last long.

At 1 bar, the latency can go above 100ms (from 35ms) and speeds to drop to below 2mbps down and 0.2mbps up (from 25mbps down, 10mbps up).

I'm not sure what's going on, but a reset does not help. It's rather frustrating.

Anyone experiencing something similar?
Jan 24, 2014
I live in Germiston. Rain is the old Iburst. Notorius for inconsistant signal and terrible customer service. I live on the fringe of reception but when I took the package out with MWEB I had 2 to 3 bars on B618. Now I have 1 bar and 6 mbs download speed. I have Hellopeter'd MWEB several times to say the signal needs to get fixed but they say Rain just doesnt care.