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SIM swap at Telkom Mobile

Jan 9, 2013
I just did a sim swap at Telkom Mobile in Sandton City. I verbally gave them my ID number and they entered the new sim card details I bought at CNA. They had no stock of sim cards so i had to buy from elsewhere. Did not ask for ID or proof of residence. Even if they had a copy of my id on the system, i look nothing like it. My id was issued when i was about 19. I am now 44 and look nothing like that. Scary how easy to swap a sim. Lucky for me, the Telkom number is not for banking. I initially went to Checkers to get a sim card as Telkom had no stock and refused to sell it to me unless i did the RICA thing first. Then went to CNA. And we wonder why.......


Honorary Master
Apr 15, 2014
Lucky you.

Since last month, I can’t purchase any Telkom SIM card anywhere because my profile exists on their system but cannot be accessed for some reason and they cannot create another one with the same ID/passport.