Sit, Stay, Good boy! The dog thread.


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Mar 9, 2018
My 3 brats, we don't have kids so these are treated like our children and spoiled just as much.

Right hand side (white and light brown)- Munchkin, female 8-9 years old but has the energy of a puppy and loves swimming (has her own blow up pool even), had her since she was 10 weeks old, shes the leader of the house. We suspect she is peke cross, never gets sick and barely any health issues except eye injury from rough playing.

Middle (dark brown)- Noxy, female, shes around 6-7 years old, shes the baby of the family and im very protective of her, my wife says I love Noxy more than I love her LOL, had her since she was 6-8 weeks old, she was flea infested when we got her, the hair of her back had literally fallen out but thankfully we got that sorted and she had a full recovery, apparently a purebred (not that I care) with lots of health issues, eye injury same as Munchkin and on top of that has to be on a special diet for her bladder, she suffers from struvite crystals in her bladder that makes going to the loo painful but since the change in diet, no more issues.

Left side- (black and white)- Troy, male, purebred with papers (not that I care, his my little boy, some an object) he is approximately 9-10 years old, had him since November 2018, he was a rescue, his family were moving into a townhouse which was not pet friendly so we took him and gave him a home. This poor boy is terrified of thunder and fireworks and the girls sense this and attack him when he tried hiding in the kitchen cupboards but his a clever boy and he can now open the baby gate to passage to hide away from the thunder if it rains when we are not home, if we home I automatically let him into the bedroom to lay in cupboard on a pillow. His had a lot of health issues lately, suffers from chronic back pain and had to have eye surgery in December to remove a growth on his eye ball, was a 50% chance he would lose the eye but our vet is amazing and managed to save it and his perfect again.


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Jul 30, 2010
This guy grows quick. Since we got him in August, he has probably quadruple in size and weight. Like in 4 months :

16 August 2019

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05 November 2019

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02 December 2019

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7 months old, this coming week and no sign that the growing has stopped. Found earlier this week, that he ate half of my bikes number plate and started to chew on the front mud guard.
And it also seems he developed a fondness of moving all my braai wood from a neat stack to all over the lawn.