Six alleged insurrectionists arrested


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Mar 13, 2006
Yes, you can remove the self-pity hat now.
Its not self pity. It's the honest truth.

Do yourself a favour and go watch How to Make a Tyrant on netflix. Ep3. Idi Amin Dictator (Uganda). He scapegoated the Asians .. and they had to fled the country. He gave their shops to he his people (sounds familiar BEE etc). He ****ed up.. and just blame the minorities. Sound familiar..?

You will see a crap load of similarities to ANC government.

Go and watch it..


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Aug 26, 2016
They named the DJ. Why not name the other 5? Why him and then stand to jeopardise his case whilst the other 5 (or 12!) aren't named.
He made a thing about it himself when he handed himself over.

I believe after the others had their first court appearance their names also becomes public knowledge, so then they can be named.


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Oct 11, 2010
A frikking DJ...whilst one Zuma spawn goes around saying people must loot carefully. He's out and addressing his presidential bid by cleaning up the mess he was condoning. Very pious.
Radio is a very effective tool at inciting people - especially poor people, not on twitter or social media, it was considered a large part of the incitement that led to the Rwandan genocide.... described as,"the soundtrack to genocide".

Widely listened to by the general population, it projected hate propaganda against Tutsis, moderate Hutus, Belgians, and the United Nations mission UNAMIR. It is regarded by many Rwandan citizens (a view also shared and expressed by the UN war crimes tribunal) as having played a crucial role in creating the atmosphere of charged racial hostility that allowed the genocide to occur. A working paper published at Harvard University found that RTLM broadcasts were an important part of the process of mobilising the population, which complemented the mandatory Umuganda meetings