SKA helped Starlink reduce South African exclusion zone and update coverage map


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May 24, 2010
Starlink map update is good news for South Africa

SpaceX has significantly reduced the size of an "exclusion zone" for its Starlink Internet service in South Africa in a recent update to its coverage map.

A concerned MyBroadband Forum member previously brought the zone to our attention in May 2022, shortly after Starlink first launched the map.
Credit where credit is due, but we saw the update about two weeks ago. ;) Had the interview with SKA last Friday.
I was just joking around based on last time. It's actually great to have actual confirmation from SKA on the matter and the smaller zone is indeed great news for us.

Now if we only knew how far along the 'regulatory process' was. The shaping of the Starlink service is also a tad concerning for the future.
The last I heard from someone inside ICASA was that there was a specific level of you know what requirement on top of this so-called space radio thing. Not naming names
You can get much better internet for cheaper in the rest of the country than highlighted here. The astronomers should have footed the bill with the residents only paying a minimum rather having to be stuck with expensive inferior satellite internet. They should have built this monstrosity somewhere where there aren't any people like Australia where it was initially planned.