SkypeIn numbers arrive in South Africa

Awesome - couldnt have come at at better time. Just signed up for one.
Imagine phoning someone in sa - it goes from sa to netherlands then back to sa
I hope the quality is good and the traffic is local
SkyPE IN Number range: 27-11-0836xxx and 27-11-0835xxx (Joburg based)
SkyPE in URL (perfect for establishing a SA "local" presence for your "Global" company ;-)

VoipConnect from Connection-Telecom will be cheaper by R12 to get a 011 or 021 DID number

SkyPE Calls to South Africa not the cheapest voip solution
Unlimited world package excludes SA
South Africa 400 for R112 (28c/min) is much more expensive than SIP connectivity to
South Africa landlines at 8.7c/min (no SA number) just used for calling SA numbers
nice but not the best, will not be using it since i don't phone so many people. maybe better for a business that needs to phone people
nice one! I do like all the new incoming innovations we now have access to. :)
The unlimited internation calls option would have been cool if it included SA...
Not that I'd really use it, but it's pretty cool.
Skype FTW!
You have been even better if the calls were on a sharecall 0860 type number for people to call into vs a National call. Ja, it would be really cool if the unlimited international calls option included SA !!
Doubt I'll make use of it but is a step in the right direction.
Does anybody know if the SkypeIn number can be called using cellular free minutes?
So would a 384k connection be sufficient ? or would one have to upgrade
Two questions:
1) With the SA 400 thingy - are calls to cell numbers additional to the per month charge?
2) Can anyone recommend a standalone skype / sip phone?
All over -,, game, etc. BUT - note the distinction between a skype USB phone that requires a PC to operate and a standalone skype phone. The USB variety costs from R300 upwards and the cordless standalone variety I haven't been able to find under R1500.