Sluggish speeds with Huawei B618 on Telkom LTE-A vs Vodacom


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Jul 20, 2018
Good day all, I was hoping you could help with the following - and please excuse the questions as I'm very new to this.
I live in a Telkom LTE-A coverage area (Blouberg) and purchased the B618-22d modem through Takealot.
I got a Telkom sim and have since average between 11 and 15mbps with a three-green-light connection on my modem whilst my Admin login reveals a 3-out of-5 stripe Telkom connection.
I thought this was woefully below par so popped in my Vodacom sim and got 50 with the first try with a regular LTE connection.
I have set the modem to only connect via 4G and manually joined the Telkom network thereafter. Are there any other suggestions to speed things up or would this be a conversation with Telkom to check on their tower?
Speaking of tower, I am under the impression that I'll need to get an antennae, however how will I know where to point it for an improved connection?
So ja, please feel free to dumb it up as much as possible as you could be (but aren't) speaking to an 8 year old. Thanks!