So long, and thanks for all the tolls

Aug 5, 2011
A thread dedicated to hopefully the quick impeachment and prosecution of Jacob Zuma for what we can call crimes against humanity and the well being of South Africa. Millions could have had better lives by now if not for the wasteful, greedy, inhuman waste expenditures of tax payer funds by Jacob Zuma and the ANC.

So long Zuma, and thanks for all the tolls


Hamish McPanji

Honorary Master
Oct 29, 2009
Its a African political history lesson. The party of liberation will rule with a large majority until it reaches the stage where (either/and) :

1. They ban all opposition parties and/or declare the incumbent as the life president (unlikeliest scenario)
2. They start fiddling with the media by implementing new restrictive laws, enforcing historical (colonialist / apartheid) laws which they were originally diametrically opposed to. They also use government funds (advertising) to prop up new and friendly media outlets (in progress)
3. The party fractures from within, splitting along ethnic/ideological lines (coming soon.....Cope, EFF, Angang and Patriotic front, recent Cosatu strife are just the precursors)
4. The rural and uneducated masses have had enough decide to abandon the Feudal (my leader/elder knows what's best for me) attitudes and take the politicians to task (a long,long,loooong way to go)

In SA in particular, the DA will have a limited appeal until they reach the stage where their racial/ethnic makeup is closer to that of the country, and their policies start to lean more leftward, and they are seen to be less business friendly.

Am a foreigner, so what do i know really, but i have no vote so can look at SA in a more objective manner than most