So many don't verify your contact number


New Member
May 12, 2018
There are so many companies out there that simply accept any contact number spoken or written on paper.

Why is this a problem you ask.

When it comes to number theft the fraudster needs to know a number that you called so they go to these internet sites or even stores and subscribe your number to Acme for instance. This is not verified by Acme and many others so they start pumping propaganda to your phone.

This is problematic in three ways.

It takes time to unsubscribe yourself from something you did not subscribe to and you are often faced with a call centre agent that cannot understand the problem because he or she was not trained to deal with it. As soon as they ask for your account number, just give up because there is no understanding.

You now called that company so it is in the list of recent calls made from your phone/number. That provides the would be SIM swap fraudster a good answer to one of the challenge questions.

There is nothing to stop Acme from getting a list of numbers from wherever, claim that they subscribed, load them into their system and start sending SMSes. If they want to be thorough about it they can make idle staff fill in pamphlets with those numbers on.

I am no longer giving my number to any company if they are not going to verify it and then only if it is crucial that they have it in the first place.

Please consider doing the same, one day they will get the message.