Sonoff SV wiring

out of interest, had i aimd to be less Macguyver, and more like someone who does this properly, how should i have tackled the problem? what parts am I missing, could have ordered etc? Learning.....
Nothing wrong with trying to do what you have


If you wanted to be able to easily disconnect, you could have gone the DC jack route.

DC Jack.png

The positive and negative terminals are clearly marked. And it would have negated the need to cut the barrel jack off ( If it fits. They come in different sizes )
surprisingly quite bright. a lot more than i expected. i went blue, but there are red and white ones also.
ill upload a vid to onedrive below
one of the big bug bears in my life is thinking the garage door is open, going outside, realising it isnt, then going back inside to open it.
I can open it voice activated from my phone, but often hands are full etc
now i have a little blue light by my front door so i know ahead of time
(such a silly thing, but if i end up saying "aaah F***" enough times, its something i need to fix)