South Africa’s Government of National Unity grows to 10 as cabinet reshuffle looms

I am gonna predict here and now that the "U" in GNU will come to be deeply ironic.
So basically all the parties are together except EFF and MK?
If it's going to fall apart this is where it happens. The ANC won't want to give up the ministerial positions with the most gravy.
Why do they even need all of these smaller parties?

The ANC, DA, IFP and NFP are enough to form a GNU and take KZN off of the MK.
ANC is able to achieve a 200 plus seat majority in the NA, excluding the DA, with all the parties it brought in. Looks like MK, EFF and DA might be the official opposition.
As long as the GNU's policy decisions are more centrist than what the extremists want, and they don't have to pander to them. The EFF (Zuma's hand raised ex YL child soldiers) and MK (Zuma's ex ANC RET lurker faction). The GNU has the numbers. They can basically push through their policy unopposed, once they can figure out among themselves what their policy directions are.

And that's the best case scenario South Africans could have hoped for. Truly. Things could have been much worse.

So kind of the loudmouth RET faction of the ANC to have taken themselves out of the equation. They've really worked themselves into a corner where their "kingmaker" hats will just gather dust and be food for the moths. Same basically for the EFF. They can't afford the optics of joining the GNU - It wouldn't go with their berets, I guess :laugh:

All the problem children have basically booked themselves in for detention :laugh: It's probably the nicest thing any of them have ever done for the country.
Somebody don't know the definition of "reshuffle"

30%'ters everywhere...
They don't want MK to build up an opposition coalition.

With the DA and ANC alone, they have enough to hold parliament and keep Ramaphosa safe from the MK and EFF, which I'd imagine to be one of the key points to the GNU. Throw in the IFP and VF+ and you have a two-thirds majority.

The only small party they needed to entertain is the NFP so they can take KZN.

EDIT: I don't even think loading up on the small parties secures an ANC-led majority if the DA pulls out of the GNU.
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So are we looking at 50 ministers and 500 deputy ministers here?