South Africa faces big licence plate recognition battle


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May 24, 2010
Not really. It’s one thing to kludge some code together to prove a concept on your laptop, but an entirely different matter to turn it into a scaleable and networked enterprise grade platform. Maybe this wouldn’t cost $86m, granted, but actual implementation is not quite as trivial as this guy makes it seem.
Indeed. My post was meant to be read in the context of my previous reply to Ook.

There's something to be said for the relative ease with which he was able to cobble together a working system, but as you said, it's another thing entirely to build something that's production-ready. Just the chain of evidence is a headache all on its own, if your ANPR system is also going to double as a CCTV system.


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Sep 14, 2014
One of the major issues is that Visec sub Sahara are allowing security companies to lock off their cameras and not allow any information to be shared with anyone else, even SAPS.
Visec donated the database to be used for SA law enforcement and benefit for all
Hi @GGG,
Just to correct your statement; Visec Sub Sahara (the owners of Visec.Cloud) STILL provides services to Public Law Enforcement, including SAPS, via its systems and camera network at no cost. VisecSS customers are informed of this arrangement, but have the option to deny access.
There is also no cost for the associated control room services even though EVERY HIT (sought vehicle being located) is manually verified 24x7, and escalating it as per written instructions.
Free registration is available to anyone, based on their credentials and subject to their requirements and verification, and the application form can be found on the Login page access via .
VisecSS does not condone unauthorised use of Visec.Cloud , has a full audit-able usage logs, and reserves its rights to act against such parties should their be a complaint or abuse identified.

Criticism is welcome such that we can do better.
Regards, Jason Berry
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