South Africa is the most dangerous country in the world to drive in

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The Polar Operational Environmental Satellite (P0ES) Project is a reimbursable project for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) was responsible for the construction, integration and launch of NOAA series satellites. Operational control of the spacecraft is turned over to NOAA after it is checked out on orbit, normally 21 days after launch. The NOAA satellites carry seven scientific instruments and two for Search and Rescue. All NOAA satellites built by the P0ES Project have been launched. The final spacecraft, NOAA-19, was launched in February 2009.

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South Africans, Americans & Europeans rarely rent cars when travelling in Asia or Africa or even Latin America.

Americans and Europeans usually rent cars when travelling in South Africa.

That should tell you everything you need to know.
Dudes that did that survey have clearly never been to Egypt.

They don't have 4-way stops in that country, let alone traffic lights.
Would you feel better in the unlikely event that SA was only the second worst?
I think some of these places don't even bother keeping stats although SA is right up there with the worst I reckon. If not at least trying hard.
Agree. SA might be the most dangerous place to drive in outta those countries which actually keep proper stats, but it is defo not the most dangerous out of all the world's countries.

Still, it's pretty bad. I hate driving in SA. Impatient idiots everywhere trying to get you killed.
Would you feel better in the unlikely event that SA was only the second worst?
I think there are still plenty worse places than SA in terms of road safety.

Forget just Egypt, with a handful of exceptions, the rest of Africa pretty much has no road rules and almost zero reliability when it comes to the capture of statistics.

I've driven through places like Zim, Mozambique and the DRC. I've been forced off the road at night by one truck overtaking another right in front of me with 0 fscks given to the fact that I'm in that lane. Worse was the overtaking truck had one headlight. I thought it was a motorcycle until it got closer. I was on a bridge with no way to move off the road. I ended up having to accelerate as hard as possible to make it to the end of the bridge and veer off into the bush to prevent the collision. I could see which company manufactured the tyres it was so close.

SA roads are not the best, but they're not even close to the horrors you'll find elsewhere on this continent. Compared to a country like Mozambique SA is like Japan.

I'll entertain that SA is the worst of the countries one can still rely on to capture decent statistics. That doesn't even close to make it the worst. I'll take SA roads over the vast majority of Africa any day of the week.
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Would have thought Gaza or Somalia would be up there tbh. We beat war zone and pirates. Well ****.