South Africa put on ‘do not travel’ list

I don't blame the Americans. However, indications are that we'll overcome this wave, and do very well indeed. But, with Ramaphosa at the helm, one cannot help but think it will be short-lived.

Even 300k vaccinations per day with J&J means that it will take 4 months to vaccinate 36 million people. Àfd the 5million already vaccinated, and the picture is not that bad.

But the Ramaphosa effect is that anything that can possibly go wrong, will.
I do not get why this is frequently reported as news. This isn't newsworthy; several developed nations reguarlely adjust their travel advisories, according to the situation in that country... its nothing new.
My dad really wants to come for a visit in November...
I don't blame any country for doing this.

Oh yeah the virus... Yeah that's also pretty bad here.
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I blame WMC and apartheid.
Let's change America's name for better service delivery
:ROFL:. Civil unrest? If you stay clear of Nkandla you should be safe from civil unrest.
They tend to forget that certain areas are pretty much as they'd expect it to be at home.