South Africa to get new number plate system

I'll pay when Old Mutual does not steal from me:


Watch this space
Alweer 'n haan wat kraai op sy mishoop, moet sy area afbaken en nuwe reëls inbring.
“In this regard, these micro-dots will also help us (measure) traffic patterns and hotspots.”

Huh? Do they have camera's that are going to read the microdots? Why not just real the number plate with ANPR? Am I being thick?
Must be lekker to be guavament sponsored in life. I guess their BMW's wont be required to have these new number plates.

no they wont put and on their cars, or theirs will have the "old" style ones,
maybe they will go further and go full Zim and say you cant be on the road same time as them?
like Mugarbage liked to do.
This is something that might actually work in my opinion from regulating who makes the plates.

We used to make number plates at work, there was absolutely no way to control what you were making.
You did not have to keep records, you could order as much stock as you wanted, you could put anything on the number plates.

Literally in the 4 years we had the machine, nobody came to audit what we were doing.

Being a big corporate business obviously we did not do anything funny, but your store around the corner could make some false plates for a couple of hundred bucks.
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So its partly a money making scheme and partly a big brother tracking scheme?
Yeah naa the vehicle tracking bit is not cool at all.