South African Airways is an "unfixable mess"


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Aug 7, 2012
The dirty ANC cadres just cannot allow any of the cash cows to be disbanded, they have to keep their feeding trough topped.

WATCH LIVE: 69 people implicated as state capture spotlight turns to SAA

Evidence leader advocate Kate Hofmeyer said the evidence to be presented goes straight to the heart of the commission’s terms of reference.

The state capture commission of inquiry has heard how 69 people have been implicated by the witnesses scheduled to be called over the next two weeks to testify about South African Airways (SAA).
The hearings have now turned to deal with corruption and irregularities within the aviation sector, with the first witness being the national carrier's financial risk head Cynthia Stimpel.
Evidence leader advocate Kate Hofmeyer said the evidence to be presented goes straight to the heart of the commission’s terms of reference.
“Chair, the evidence seems to point to five themes on not only what happened in the last many years in this country, but what the enablers were for state capture, corruption and fraud in the public sector. One of the things we have searched for is the key enablers of that conduct which has taken root and permeated our public institutions.”

The commission has heard about a former SAA employee fled the country fearing for his life.
The commission is now dealing with corruption and irregular deals at the national carrier, particularly under the leadership of former board chair Dudu Myeni.

[Dudu still roams free]

Hofmeyer said SAA’s former head of procurement, who fled the country, would testify about a meeting with former minister Des Van Rooyen.

She said that he was threatened with violence if he did not comply with instructions.
“Chair, at that meeting on 2 December 2015, Mr Van Rooyen, on the account of this witness, demanded that two contracts be awarded to companies to whom he had connection. The day after that interaction, the director of procurement was suspended.”
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May 18, 2009
I think that might be just a rumour. Someone mentioned that before on mybb and I tried finding info on the net....but could not find any.
I saw a discussion on Avcom. Sounds like it's more than just a rumour.


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May 11, 2011
Another problem is that South Africa is at the arse end of the planet. It will never be a busy hub. So we fly unprofitable routes to connect to the globe. But I would argue that the fleet is a small part of the problem. 70% of the problem is corruption and waste.
And Australia is in a prime location?

Qantas profit soars even as fuel costs rise

Qantas has recorded a 15 per cent increase in annual profit due to strong demand for travel and an easing of capacity wars that had dented domestic flight profit margins in earlier years.

The airline made a full-year net profit after tax of $980 million, versus $852 million the year before.

The company's preferred measure of "underlying profit before tax" also rose from $1.4 billion to $1.6 billion, which is a record for Qantas.


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Sep 22, 2005
Scary stuff about SAA on Twitter #StateCaptureInquiry reporting by Erin Bates. @ermbates&src=typd

Piggies at the trough at all times and then the piggies shafted Cynthia Stimpel because she asked too many questions.

When are people going to get charged, we need a line of piggies going to jail ?

Note : They could do worse than appointing Stimpel to be the CEO of SAA at this time.

If she would even take the job, to try and save a sinking ship.