South African BBM cybercrime policies may follow UK, Saudi Arabia


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Nov 23, 2007
Given Hellen Zille phone was hacked(line bugged) I can only assume this is for political purposes once again. Nobody here has ever made use of social media for riots locally and they can check the SIM via RICA. It's just another tool for government abuse.


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May 24, 2010
Collected a bunch of related replies because I was going to add my 2c, but then they all answered one another's questions nicely, so I'm just going to repost them as is...

BBM is the only encrypted service... so not really worth mentioning any other "services" in the context of this thread. Twitter/FB data etc is all already available to them

Is googletalk encrypted?
I trust google most of the time.

It is but unlike Google, RIM is not a USA based company so it doesn't fall under the patriot act.

I know it doesn't bother SA citizens if US can request access to our conversations, but for some its still a concern.