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Oct 21, 2017
Wait until you find out how many people still think face masks (AKA surgical masks) are effective without knowing that it's actually FFP2/N95 or better dust masks (AKA respirators) that are the effective ones.
While they are not as effective there is a little protection as it can reduce the amount of saliva getting through to you. SARS-CoV-2 can be spat out during normal speech and so anything which reduces saliva amounts coming across will offer some benefit. Eye protection is also key. That's also why they recommend the 1-2 meter distance.

When it comes to proper protection N95 is good enough. With N100 breathing becomes significantly more difficult.
The R designation means the mask protects against oily particles but that has to do with the industry e.g. pesticides.

Korean doctor's blog about face mask use and reuse. Hot steam is good for sterilisation.

WHO guidance on mask and N95 respirator use:

The Korean doctor also stresses that people not use masks outside. You are very unlikely to catch anything if you keep the distance outside in the open air. Moving air dilutes airborne particles tremendously.

The bleach mat before going inside your home makes a lot of sense. And if you are very worried, follow the AAFP recommendations, change your clothes and shoes in the garage upon returning home and shower before changing into fresh clothes after returning home from essential work where you interact with people. Don't use contacts and use glasses instead.


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Jun 22, 2006
In some of the poorer areas of Italy they have already started looting shops because those areas are dependent on a cash economy.

it just shows how fragile the world is to the slightest instability.
That happened in Germany too. and germany is a first world country. People looting stores and breaking in, while everyone is on lockdown.



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Mar 22, 2010
I do actually. If health workers are taking extra precaution, not to get it. They are working with a patient who is confirmed to have COVID.

I'm wearing the gloves/mask just as a precaution. not to touch objects or not come in direct contact with Corona Surfaces. It's a extra measure.

I know what that poster is referring to though. They figure people wearing gloves don't wash the hands as often. So you could infect yourself by not washing as often as you normally would if not wearing gloves. Where medical staff wash like once per hour with Sanitizes and soaps.

SA should not be one of those. I say they must not think that way. People should still be encouraged to wash their hands often and continue to wash Hands before gloves & when removing gloves too.
An amazing example of the Dunning Kruger effect


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Aug 22, 2006
You know what would probably be better, if we also tracked active cases instead of confirmed, that way we can see the recovered as well.
Active (1280) - Recovered (38) - Dead (2) = 1240



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Apr 25, 2006
100% agree with you Vorastra. Surgical masks are almost useless. If they don't cover the side of the cheecks and the nose area. If air can come in easily or sucks in from the sides. The virus comes in too. It offers no defense at all.

N95/FFP2 is the 95% and 94% particals masks. They stop 94% and above of particals, they also seal nicely on the sides and over the nose-piece. They are the only safe one's to really use. Even FFP2 can be pricey though.

I've seen clips of people in China using 2 or sometimes 3 Surgical masks to get the same effect. It basically gives them 3 layers of protection. Also the 3rd mask pulls tight over the other two to seal on the sides and over nose area. Surgical masks are usually very cheap, but still hard to find now.
How does it come in? it's not airborne, so unless someone sneezes or coughs within 2 meters of you it's hard to get? That's why a mask is silly as it's not airborne in the first place. Gloves are also useless, as a medical proffessional uses a new set for every patient, where the normal people use it while shopping and picking up various goods, putting them back and just getting the virus on their gloves.


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Sep 12, 2006
Every recovery counts and one more person who is immune to the virus! Great news
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