South African lions eat 'poacher', leaving just his head

Something about once it has tasted "human" flesh it develops a flavor for it and becomes a risk to any humans - that they wouldnt normally have done.

Its not the Lion's fault though, its squarely humans fault.
One has to wonder if humans taste better or worse compared to the herbivores that lions normally eat.


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Their manes look like a cheap featherboa from a toy store.
What kind of cat can't climb down a tree?
King of the jungle? More like King of premature ejaculations.

There, I hope that was enough of putdown of them.
They're so fat I didn't think you could pick them up


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Heading in the right direction. I don't often support and shout for "The South African Lions" but in this case they have my full support because it's a no-brainer.
Even lions have taste after-all you are what you eat.