South African President Cyril Ramaphosa hit out at mobile-phone companies

They have been meddling whith how to cream money off the top, or how to get freebees to cadres in the form of shareholding or how to stick it to 'capital' who is supposedly the enemy. If they (the ANC) have been honest brokers this whole digital migration and spectrum auction would have been done years ago. This is another indictment on the ideologically challenged, corrupt and incompetent ANC
Oh shut the feck up. Rather get off your arse and get the digital migration that has been stalling for 10 years on track. This is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black. Telkom has tried to resolve the issue without success.
I think he should execute the CEO's on national TV youtube.
Bloomberg are morons, it makes it sound like he is hitting out at Samsung and Apple and the others, it should be "at cellular or mobile providers".
Hey squirrel you fat piece of poop, no one believes your stories anymore.
Government sure wants this resolved, there will be hundreds of millions that will be ripe for the stealing when the auction is concluded.

Please don't take MyBB users for fools.

Please blame ANC/ICASA/DCDT for not completing digital migration on time.

Can't sell frequencies that can't be used as they still saturated with analogue TV.
what nonsense.
They control telkom, so its basically gov that is holding up this process.
Mobile phone companies= Samsung, Apple, etc
Cellular or Telekoms companies = Telkom, Vodacom, etc

Headline is somewhat misleading. My first thought was what beef does Cyril have with Samsung?