South Africans 5G towers burnt over COVID-19 worries

just don't repair the towers, no more cellphone connectivity for those regions...put money and infrastructure into areas where people don't want to burn you for it....
All for that, but the problem is these twats dont burn down stuff that services where they other words they aren't going to **** on their own doorsteps.
South Africa is finally catching up. Almost a year too late to the Corona/5G Tower Bonfire party, but oh well.
Can they change the headline to: “Crazy imbeciles living in south africa burns down 5g towers...”?

Our "imbeciles" are just 7 months behind the conspiracy, that's all.
“As leaders of eThekwini we need to take action against this disease. It is not COVID. We are getting this thing from 5G towers, [some] installed during this period in preparation of the second wave,” Mngadi said.

Speaking to News24, an ANC KwaZulu-Natal spokesperson called Mngadi’s comments “lunacy of the highest order” and condemned the spreading of this misinformation.
Verbal condemnation is a totally inadequate response, AFAIK spreading fake news is still illegal under lockdown regulations, arrest the cANCer fscker that has been spreading misinformation, make an example out of him.
If you are smart enough to identify a 5G Tower (since there is no 5G sticker on it) you are already smart enough to know there is no harm caused by it, might be a different element at work here especially since this conspiracy started early on in the pandemic.
Jeez. Had a good laugh. SA never stop to provide a smile for stupidity. This guy is probably up for a promotion.
no stella its not a resurgence of conspiracy theories, this is directly the result of sfiso mngadi.

go try and bullshit people in geneva not switzerland.

in other news, politcal leaders sing kill the boer, and its said, it has no affect people wont really do it.

morons see morons do