South Africans develop an Uber-like app for the taxi industry


Jul 29, 2021
South Africans build Uber-like service for minibus taxi industry

Have you ever waited along the road for a minibus taxi to pass, and when it does it’s already full? A new digital platform launched in Mitchells Plain, Cape Town aims to connect commuters with registered taxi drivers at the click of a button.

Loop is a Cape Town-based tech start-up that enables commuters to book a minibus taxi for once-off trips.
What a fitting name for an app for the Taxi industry in South Africa.

Other successful named apps for South Africa
Dark: Eskom related services.
K@k: eThekwini Water
Rob: Medical Aid Companies of South Africa
You think zulu taxi drivers are going to ditch their current nokia 3310's to get a smartphone? yeah not happening.
I wish them well, but somehow I cannot see this working, the volumes are too high, and the taxi system is chaotic, organized, but chaotic nonetheless
Otherwise known as
rape,murder,kidnapp or mugging on demand

Wonder how this works - if they just divert a regular taxi or what.
I don't see this working at all. It will become a digital trial of money which SARS would love to see.
At some point the taxi mob will want to own the app if it ever succeeds.
Now they can die at a faster rate.
I am looking forward to a nearly taxi free world!
Minibus taxi driver Renshaw Smith that Loop’s clients have already given him more trips during the quiet part of the day. He says being paid directly into his bank account rather than having to keep cash is great for his safety. Credit: Ashraf Hendricks

So now the taxman knows how much he makes. I'm sure that will be popular among taxi drivers.