South Africans love KFC

This growth was halted in 1987 as the company was forced to divest its outlets and trademarks to a South African holding company called Devco.
This was after the US Congress passed a law forbidding American companies from owning South African assets due to the government’s policy of Apartheid.

KFC continued to earn an administrative fee from Devco, and its 120 franchisee-owned stores were unaffected.
SHOCK and HORROR! Apartheid Profiteers! Wat 'n Skande!

/wrings hands
/rents garment amid much wailing!

Wait 'til Julius finds out about this... :popcorn:
I like the thought of KFC, a childhood memory.

We moved into a new house, again, roof was leaking, it was cold, we lost everything, had no furniture, there was no power, there was no gas. Dad made a table from the moving boxes in the middle of the room and said he has a surprise. We were tired, scared, confused... . I still remember the joy on our faces when we smelled the food. It was not bread. It was not pap. It was nice rice. It was not soup. It was this crunchy, juicy, crispy warm chicken and fries with lots of tamato sauce. Oil on our clothes, faces, floor... Everywhere.. KFC. Wow....

So that memory got stuck somewhere and I still go out and get KFC now and then.... But afterwords I regret it, feel sick and it just not the same.

The best you can do for your family is create memories with a Philips Airfryer.
Await the racist comments. Nevermind this braindead article