South Africans love second-hand cars over expensive new vehicles


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Sep 7, 2018
Maybe not their formal salaries but these guys make a fortune on graft.. So the answer is tenderpreneurs. Tenderpreneurs buy all the new cars in South Africa..
Government employs about 1.6-million people and the few that have been implicated in graft are a representation of the entire civil service? Kinda the same as if a few people are racist, then the entire race is racist, too?

Do you even think before you type, or does the urge to slam government employees override common sense.


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May 21, 2018
“The value of our currency has been steadily declining over the last 15 to 20 years". Hmmm... I wonder if that has anything to do with our most beloved, honest, incorruptible and hardworking ANC tsotsis... I mean 'officials'. I very much doubt it...:unsure::cautious::whistling:
Oct 30, 2018
South Africans love second-hand cars over expensive new vehicles

Buying a new car in South Africa can be expensive, especially considering the weakness of the rand against the currencies of countries which many vehicles are imported from.

For this reason, pre-owned cars are a major trade in South Africa – with many drivers choosing to buy used cars over new vehicles due to cost savings.
Omg, don't buy a car from we buy cars. We bought a Nissan X trail that they told us were in great shape. After a week I realised it's an illegal vehicle and may not be on the road.


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Aug 5, 2011
Errrr not really. It is people who make more than you. Government jobs do not pay much hey... Private companies pay almost double what gov pays.
Well nurses working for government are underpaid. That why moonlighting is rife. There are nine bloated health administration departments where the administration takes the bulk of the pie.