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May 24, 2010
The truth about South Africa's 2500MW nuclear power plan

Apparently, in government, there is an activity known as “walking the dog” — a strategy intended to keep self-serving politicians, officials and stakeholders quiet, and to calm them down when they are getting agitated and fidgety for some of the action.

Of course, there is some excitement at the prospect of sniffing out the territory on a brisk walk, with the anticipation that something big is on the cards. But this is inevitably short-lived, and things soon revert back to the normal and more leisurely state of inaction.


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Feb 9, 2005
Belarus has 2 x 1100MW Russian reactors under construction (similar to what we would get).

Belarus used INPRO’s* Nuclear Energy Systems Assessment methodology covering economics, infrastructure, waste management, proliferation resistance, physical protection, environment, and safety to confirm its investment decision. The results showed that nuclear would be competitive, with overnight costs $1960/kW and levelized electricity price 5.81 USDcent/kWh (compared with coal $1175/kW and 6.52 cent/kWh, and gas $805/kW and 6.76 cent/kWh). The basic overnight cost of the two units was put at $6.135 billion. In November 2011 it was agreed that Russia would lend up to $10 billion for 25 years to finance 90% of the contract

So: R0.83 per kWh and R87B overnight construction costs and R146B over 25 years finance costs (2011 rates!)

No ways....