South Africa's Bitcoin Brothers file answering affidavit in Africrypt liquidation case


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May 24, 2010
South African Bitcoin Brothers — our lawyer was threatened and father kidnapped

Raees Cajee, one of the infamous “Bitcoin Brothers” who co-founded Africrypt and is accused of absconding with bitcoin worth R51 billion, has filed court papers to oppose the liquidation of the company.

“The media and greater public have speculated that Ameer and I have fled the country with billions of Rands worth of cryptocurrency,” Cajee stated in his answering affidavit.
You take people's lifesavings and live it up abroad, especially your family friends and relative's money that trusted you with it. Then you wonder why the hell they come after your parents?

Seriously, you'd be lucky if your parents didnt get their feet cast in concrete and chucked into the ocean unless you give the money back? Oh wait, thats the mafia that tends to do it.

People are upset
Imagine screwing you’re entire family over for some money. They might have gotten away with the crime but at the cost of all their family members permanently looking over their shoulders.
Imagine investing in companys like this i mean there have been so many scam crypto investment stuff in the news the past few years but people are just greedy for more interest.If i were to invest some high ammount i would rather do it with a bank or a very long standing investment company