South Africa's explosion of fibre network operators


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May 24, 2010
South Africa's explosion of fibre network operators

Before 2014, South Africans were held ransom by limited broadband service providers and expensive fixed wireless data packages. In the past few years, an explosion of fibre networks has made high-speed broadband more widely accessible.

South Africa's growing list of fibre network operators features at least 38 companies that provide either fibre-to-the-home or fibre-to-the-business connectivity. Prices have also plummeted since the early days of the service.
who did this table put some effort in to.
for example
Column 1 - FNO name
Column 2 - year founded
Column 3 - Area active/Covered
Column 4 - Owner
Closed access FNO don't divulge information about their Covered area's. I wish there could be a way to force them to become Open Access Networks.
All that is gonna happen at some point in the future a large portion of them will be bought out
Pity this explosion doesn't mean I have options when it comes to FNO's.. I'm still beholden to Vumatel in my area and I doubt Openserve is ever going to roll out.
Hmmm ... , explosion, everyone fight over existing fiber, don't see anyone doing any new fiber.