South Africa's Minister of Defence vs the US Secretary of Defense


Honorary Master
May 18, 2009
my point still stands,
during an actual war, or a real invasion, I dont care if the minister is big bird himself and the "commander" if you want to call him/her is Elmo,

they wouldn't be my choice against a real army with real guns.
they would probably die from laughter :ROFL:

and thats okay, you know why? SA has no real enemies in the world.
so we can afford to have a joke of a minister and a clown for a "commander" if you want to call them that.

but sadly
during a crisis, they proved their incompetence, and to me that shows we are in a situation where their "leadership" is challenged,
they failed and failed miserably.

is it a problem? yes and no,
if were in peacetime and nothing is really out there challenging their skills,
who the F*** cares.

but now with riots or potentially a terrorism situation or a potential Coup
I seriously doubt they can do anything than wave their arms around and look useless and incompetent.
Politicians or soldiers?